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  • Baker Tilly Isle of Man
    PO Box 95, 2a Lord Street
    Douglas, Isle of Man
    British Isles. IM99 1HP


Refund Policy

Company Name: Baker Tilly Isle of Man Fiduciaries Limited
Company Number: 020097C

Refund Policy
The Group reserves the right to determine at its sole discretion the frequency that bills are raised in relation to the services provided. However fees in respect of time spent will normally be raised on a quarterly basis unless there have been significantly high levels of time accumulating on our time recording system.

The Group also raises fee accounts for Responsibility Fees, such as Registered Office Fees, Directors Fees and Trustee Fees Nominee Shareholders fees and any other fees related to annual responsibilities taken on by the Group, on an annual basis in advance. Such fees are raised towards the end of each calendar year in respect of the following calendar year and should be paid to the Group no later than the start of the year to which they refer. In the event that an administered entity ceases to be a client of the Group during a calendar year there will be no proportionate refund of the Responsibility Fees.

The Group reserves the right to charge termination fees for any entity under administration which is terminated, transferred to another service provider or otherwise no longer retained under the Group's administration.

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